Patented Technology

TacFast® Products are based upon a complex patent portfolio that dates back to 1987. Founded in 1988 by Joseph R. Pacione, TacFast Systems International has dedicated considerable resources to patenting its technology worldwide, registering twenty patent families in over 30 countries, spanning five continents. These patents apply to the floor covering, wall covering and building products industries and are in various stages of development. TacFast Systems' patents encompass not only proprietary products but also proprietary manufacturing processes and methods of use. The TacFast patent estate holds the dominant position in detachable attachment systems with a strong focus on the use of "hook and loop" technology for the buildings materials industry. And, TacFast is the first and only company to industrialize hook and loop as an integral part of a product. The industrialization of hook and loop technology as a means of fastening has uniquely positioned TacFast to embrace its licensing capabilities and commercialize the use of hook and loop.