Core Technology

All of TacFast's technologies are based on detachable systems of attachment. Many of the TacFast Flooring Products feature a free-floating substrate with a hook element covering its surface (the LocPlate® Products) and a flooring surface with a loop fabric covering the underside. The flooring surface is attached to the hook substrate by engaging the hooks and loops creating a mechanical bond that holds the flooring surface in place securely, yet is releasable.

All TacFast Flooring Products are composed of two parts:

  • a substrate that has a hook surface; and
  • a surface material which has a loop fabric covering its entire underside.

At the core of TacFast's technology is the mechanical fastening of hook and loop. The strengths in TacFast's hook and loop mechanical fastening have been designed to meet the specific characteristics required to have a permanent, yet detachable floor covering. The TacFast hook on the LocPlate® substrate has been engineered to aggressively hold the flooring surface in place with high shear (horizontal) and tensile (vertical) strengths while at the same time providing a minimum peel strength allowing for easy removal of the flooring surfaces.