At TacFast, we believe that creating, producing, installing and using our products should contribute to a sustainable environment.

As an organization, TacFast addresses environmental considerations on two fronts - the first is as a corporation, working towards reducing our carbon footprint, the second is with our products and methods of use.

The environmentally conscientious Hook Plate and Disc substrate eliminates the need for liquid adhesives and other installation materials. Made from inert polypropylene resins, the LocPlate® Products are inherently hygienic as they will not absorb moisture and therefore will not promote the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria or fungus. Requiring no adhesives and good for multiple closures, hook and loop mechanical fastening is both functional and environmentally responsible. As the LocPlate® Products are free-floating; they can be moved, reused and ultimately recycled with ease after their 25 year life expectancy. And, TacFast is currently working to incorporate post-consumer and post-industrial recycled content into the LocPlate® Products and has aimed to accomplish this in 2009. From realizing the benefits of dematerialization in the TacFast installation process to reclamation and eventual recycling, TacFast® Products are uniquely positioned to sustain and improve our surroundings.