Use, Re-use and Recycle

The TacFast® LocPlate® Products are made by injection-molding inert polypropylene resins. Initial products are being manufactured using virgin polypropylenes; however, TacFast is working diligently to incorporate post-consumer and post-industrial plastics into the manufacturing of the Hook Plates and Discs.

Life-Cycle of TacFast® Installations

Ultimate Disposal or Recycling

TacFast is currently developing a global reclamation and recycling program that will provide a closed-loop program for the LocPlate® Products making them truly cradle-to-cradle. The aim is to have TacFast depots strategically located to receive the used LocPlate® Products. TacFast will clean, grind and reuse the polypropylene from the reclaimed Hook Plates and Discs in the manufacturing of new Hook Plates and Discs.

Key Points