TacFast® Products

TacFast® Flooring Products are built on a solid base of proprietary technology, fundamentally differentiated from the competition. TacFast targets all segments of the flooring industry with a technology which comprehensively addresses the issues and problems faced by manufacturers, dealers, installers and end-users alike. All TacFast® Products feature a releasable attachment system providing for ease of installation and replacement. As an integral part of their design, many TacFast® Products utilize ‘hook and loop’, a unique and truly versatile element, as a means of fastening.

Many of the TacFast® Flooring Products feature a free-floating substrate with a hook element covering its surface and a flooring surface with a loop fabric covering the underside. The flooring surface is attached to the hook substrate by engaging the hooks and loops creating a mechanical bond that holds the surface in place securely, yet is releasable.

TacFast® Products can effectively target various end-use requirements with diverse flooring products including high-traffic commercial areas to residential environments – meeting end-user needs today… and for tomorrow.