LocPlate® Products - Life-Cycle Cost Benefits

Life-cycle costs are all the anticipated costs associated with a project throughout its life. In flooring, this includes but is not limited to, the costs for removal of any existing flooring products, any subfloor preparation required to receive new flooring, the costs for materials, the cost to install the flooring and then, when the flooring requires replacing, the cost to do it all over again. By eliminating many of these steps, TacFast technology offers previously unrealizable life-cycle cost benefits.

While initial TacFast® installations can be equal to or significantly less than the cost of conventional installations, the life-cycle cost benefits of TacFast® are truly realized in the second, third and any additional installation cycles. Up to 70% savings can be attained after the initial installation with TacFast® as many of the costs — the cost to remove existing product, the cost to re-prep the subfloor, the cost of installation materials, to name a few — are appreciably reduced or entirely eliminated. TacFast® becomes the least expensive floor to replace for the next 20 - 25 years after the initial installation. What is more challenging to place a value on, but equally important, is the downtime, the upheaval, the loss of business and the inconvenience, among other things. TacFast® products and methods are designed to provide life-cycle cost benefits to end-users at every level.

Replacement Downtime/Upheaval

Strategic Design

Environmental Issues

Easy, Low-cost Maintenance

No Attachment to Existing Floors