LocPlate® Products

One Base for Every Floor

The LocPlate® Product line is a modular floor that can be installed over any subfloor, without any attachment to that subfloor, and support the installation of a variety of flooring surfaces. LocPlate® Products are composed of a series of interlocking polypropylene Hook Plates and Discs. During the installation process, the Hook Plates and Discs are installed to create the subfloor, and then the loop-backed surface coverings are fastened onto the LocPlate® Products by engaging the hooks and loops, creating a mechanical bond.

The LocPlate® Products have been designed to meet the needs of both the commercial and residential markets. Foam cushion can be added to the underside of the universal Hook Plates and Discs to meet specific end-use requirements such as underfoot comfort or to facilitate the performance and durability criterion of a surface product.